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Featured main dishes (ranging from $34 to $115 per dish) include a selection of Japanese and American Wagyu beef, various cuts of steak and an array of seafood options including oysters, King crab and lobster, according to the menu on the website.

Ramsay, who is from England, said the Kansas City area reminded him of where he grew up.

Gordon Ramsay Steak’s menu will feature well-known menu items to Ramsay fans, like his Beef Wellington, but it also will include nods to Kansas City.

Pork and lamb main options are also available, ku casino  while appetizers and sides (priced from $10 to $35 per dish) include classic dishes such as smoked beef tartare, tuna tartare, crab cake, seared Hudson Valley foie gras and herb gnocchi, the menu notes.

Other specialty cocktails (priced from $15 to $19 each) include Buffalo in the Wheat Field (made with hickory smoked sour cherry wheatley vodka, buffalo trace bourbon orange syrup and walnut bitter), and the Pendergast (made with J. Rieger’s Kansas City whiskey, benedictine, carpano antica formula and barrel aged bitters), the menu reveals.

“I’ve been wanting to expand to the Midwest for some time and found Harrah’s North Kansas City to be the perfect location for Gordon Ramsay Steak,” Ramsay said in a statement on Harrah’s official website.

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