An Introduction

So. Blogging. Since I had my beautiful daughter 15 weeks ago, other people’s blogs have been something of a life saver. They've reassured me that all the weird and wonderful things Little Bear decides to do are completely normal, they've made me laugh and they've kept me company at all hours of the night when LB just won’t sleep. There are so many amazing 'mommy blogs' (ew, what an unsavoury term for them!) out there that I'm hesitant to start my own, but I thought it would be a nice hobby while I'm on maternity leave and a good record of what my life with a new little person is like.
As much as I enjoy reading blogs, I haven’t really come across one that has a first post which isn't slightly awkward, so I’ll avoid clunky descriptions and allow you to get to know my little family as the blog progresses. Needless to say, LB is the star of the show. She’s a little ninja who knows what she wants and has come into our lives and turned our whole world on its head. In a good way. Mostly.
Anyway, that’s probably enough for now. I'm looking forward to starting this blogging journey and sharing the ups and downs of life with LB.