Ball Pools, Jokes and Sunshine - #LittleLoves

It's been a long week for us as Little Bear has been out of action with Bronchiolitis. She's mostly been reasonably happy, but we've been stuck in the house all week as I don't want her to pass on her lurgy to any of her wee baby pals. Thankfully she seems to be on the mend now though, so we should be back to all our baby groups next week.


This week I've been rereading Homecoming by Cynthia Voight. I first read this book when I was about 11 and have read it at least once a year since. The main character is so brave and wise and adventurous. I really love this book and if you have never read it, you should.
book Watched

Last weekend my mum and dad looked after Little Bear for the afternoon while we went to the cinema. We saw the Jungle Book, which was great and it felt so luxurious to have much time away from the baby at the same time. The film's cgi was actually amazing - I pretty much forgot that I wasn't looking at real life talking animals, which is quite a feat from the film makers.


Not much this week really. With Little Bear not being well, she's been off her food and so I've made a bit less effort in the kitchen than I usually do. I did try a recipe for lentil and cheese wedges from the Baby Led Weaning Cookbook which were delicious, but they weren't very pretty to look at so I don't have any pictures.


With all the lovely sunny weather this week, I've enjoyed putting LB in some summery clothes, although I've been totally paranoid about her getting burned, which has been a bit of a fun sucker. We've also been trying out some of the new nappies we bought during Real Nappy Week a couple of weeks ago. I'm really loving this elephant print by Close Pop-In (exclusive to Babi Pur)


A joke that made me lol my ass off much more than it should have done.

How do you think the unthinkable?

With an ithe-berg!

*rolls about giggling like a total loon *

uh huh, it's been a long week.

And Lastly

Despite us having to stay at home, we've been managing to play outside in the garden quite a bit this week, which has been lovely. Little Bear has been enjoying her ball pool which we got on sale at Tesco a few weeks ago. She likes to sit in it with the plastic balls on her legs and kick furiously. I think she likes the noise it makes. She also hones in on one particular ball to play with and cries if it rolls out of her reach, despite the fact that she is surrounded by millions of others that are exactly the same!

ball pool