Daredevil, Dungarees and a Dunking -#LittleLoves

Read I know I'm really late to the party with this one, but I discovered the unmumsy mum this week. Her blog and Facebook page are hilarious, so much so that on Tuesday night I was feeding LB at 3am while facebooking (multitasking like a boss) and woke her up I was laughing so much. She's written a book as well which I've borrowed from the library and can't wait to read!


Papa Bear has been watching Daredevil on Netflix for a wee while now and has been keen for me to watch as well. I was initially not that keen, partly because I thought it would be too violent (I really have next to no tolerance for violence on TV) and partly because I now almost exclusively watch super hero related TV shows and felt that my quota for them was full. But he persuaded me and omg it's so good. It's about a blind lawyer who turns vigilante by night and relies on the strength of his other senses to help him be totally kick ass. It's great, I would highly recommend it.

Heard Papa Bear likes to sing to LB a lot, and he's recently discovered that she has a fondness for The Beatles. Last night he was giving her a bath and singing 'A Little Help from my Friends' to her while I listened from downstairs - I love being able to hear them having fun together after a long work day for PB.


We've had a few new pairs of dungarees delivered for Little Bear this week (I know...I have a problem..). These ones are from Maxomorra, a Swedish brand who use organic cotton in all their clothes, making them super soft and comfy. They aim to make all their clothes gender neutral and I love the bright colours and funky patterns of LB's new dungers.



This week I made a batch of hidden veg pasta sauce. It's delicious and really versatile - you can use it in pasta, spag bol and as a pizza base as well as in soup. It's super good for you and you can make loads and freeze it (which makes me feel like a proper mum, like a real grown up one, not the pretend kind of mum who buys new socks for the baby because the house is full of 472858381958392 odd ones and she can't be arsed matching them). You basically just chuck all the veg in the house into a pot (I used courgette, onion, pepper, garlic, carrots, aubergine and mushrooms) and fry it till it's really soft. Then add 2 tins of chopped tomatoes and some mixed herbs and blend it with a stick blender. Done. 100 mum points to you.

And lastly

This has been a really lovely week, starting off with Little Bear's christening last Sunday. It was so good to have our closest family and friends with us to celebrate Little Bear's safe arrival and officially welcome her to the world.

Hope you're all having a lovely week too!