How to do Nap Time. By Little Bear, age 6 months and one week.

Step one: Rub your eyes and yawn. Watch mummy's face light up. She thinks you're tired. Lol.

Step 2: Scream when mummy puts you in the pram (she gave up on making you sleep in the cot long ago), but keep rubbing your eyes. Mummy will be confused. Extra points if she uses the words ' over tired'
LB pram

Step 3: Moan and whine for your dummy. As soon as Mummy gives you the dummy, spit it out and cry. Repeat x1000

Step 4: Mummy will try that thing she read about on Mumsnet where she stays near you but doesn't make eye contact or give you attention. Wait it out. Mummy has previously proven herself to be weak in this area.

Step 5: When Mummy eventually gives in and looks at you, smile at her. Put in the effort here: it should be your very best smile so Mummy feels bad about trying to make you nap. She will also wonder if you're not tired after all.

Step 6: Mummy will lift you up and apologise; she thought you were tired. Want to go and play? Score. One nil to you.

Step 7: Actually, you are a bit tired. Cry and cry and cry. Why does this moronic woman not realise you need a nap? Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!