Little Bear is Six Months Old

For the very first time since she was born, I'm a bit emotional at one of LB's milestones. She's six months old. Half a year. And she's suddenly got really grown up. You know, in a baby kind of way.

She's eating real food now and we're being pretty successful in doing baby led weaning. I had been a bit dubious about just handing over massive chunks of chow to my baby and letting her try to eat it. No matter how earth mother and omgsocalmandtogether I try to be, I was sure she would choke to death. And the first time she tried food she did gag quite a bit and was actually sick, but then she picked up some pear out of the sick and tried to eat it so I knew she was OK. And rank. But basically fine. Since then, she's got much better at working out how far to shove food into her mouth, how to spit it out if she isn't keen and how to pick it up and get it to her face in the first place. Although she does sometimes just bring her face to the tray of her high chair and kind of snuffle it like a pig. What a champ.

LB eating Her motor skills have suddenly come on massively just as she's approached 6 months. She's been able to sit up on her own for a while, in a very wobbly fashion, but in the last few days she's been able to do it for a decent length of time and to sit and play with her toys, so not putting her whole concentration into the act of remaining upright. She can pull herself onto her feet from a sitting position on my lap now too. She kind of rocks forward then grabs on to any available furniture and she's standing up! Six months ago I could never have imagined just how much pride I would get from someone else learning to stand up, but I was utterly delighted. She's clearly some kind of genius baby who will one day rule the world. Fact.

LB sit

Sleeping is still very hit and miss, and the introduction of food has made it worse in some ways, because I'm still struggling to fit three meals, bottles and breast feeds around naps. There just aren't enough hours in the day! LB has also decided that she doesn't need an afternoon nap any more so by bed time she's too tired to take a decent feed. This then leads to her waking up hungry throughout the night. In the run up to introducing food though, we were getting really good nights, so I'm hopeful that once I've figured out a routine for solids and milk feeds I'll be able to fill LB enough to get her going a bit longer at night again.

As well as LB's growing independence, what really makes me well up is how much I've changed since she was born too. 6 months ago I was happily oblivious as to what having a baby would really be like, and 5 and a half months ago, I genuinely believed that I would never get to this point. The point where I look at my child and am overwhelmed with uncomplicated love for her. The point where I know how to make her laugh and why she may be crying. The point where I just unthinkingly organise my life around her. The point where, at least once a week, I feel like I'm totally nailing this motherhood thing.

Little Bear, my lovely daughter, you are totally boss. I love you beyond words. Happy 6 months!