Little Bear is 11 Months Old

I can't believe that another month has passed by already and LB is 11 months old. She's learned lots of new things this month and been busy getting used to nursery, where she has settled impressively well.

The main developments this month have been in LB's motor skills. She's finally showing an interest in learning to move herself around, but sadly this has only served to piss her off because she can't do it. She lies on her tummy humping the floor like a rabid dog and crying because said humping does not result in any forward movement. Alternatively she sits on the floor grabbing for my hands and slapping me if I don't haul her to her feet and help her walk to the cat food bowl so she can help the mog finish his dinner.
LB cat food Despite all that, she can now cruise confidently along the furniture and if I put toys on the coffee table for her, she'll stand there happily and play. She's tantalisingly close to standing on her own, but she's too scared to let go, which is equally frustrating for us both. I suppose I should just enjoy the last few weeks of her being immobile before she can take herself off to destroy things and eat cat food!
LB farm Her fine motor skills have also improved and now she enjoys putting pennies in her money box and picking up tiny food like peas and blueberries. I love watching her do this, the concentration on her face and her delight when she gets a pea to her mouth make me happy every time!

Sleep has gone to pot recently as Little Bear is spending most of her cot time practising crawling and rolling over, so she's far too busy for snoozing. All the rolling about often results in her getting her arms or legs stuck in the cot bars so Papa Bear and I need to go in and do a stealth rescue. It has to be stealth so LB doesn't really realise we're in the room and get all excited to see us. I've pretty much perfected the art of sneaking in in the dark, popping up over the cot and, in one smooth motion, flipping LB over, putting her dummy in her mouth and pressing Ewan the Dream Sheep's back right paw before ninja rolling out of the room. Sadly I am not a very tidy person and more often than not I end my ninja roll by whisper-shrieking 'FUCKING SHHHHHHHHH!' as I set off one of the terrifying noisy singing toys I've left abandoned on the floor before bed time.

Generally, this has been a mixed bag of a month, but in between all the screamy, walking based frustration, LB has been quite chirpy. She's starting to enjoy playing pretend games with me and Papa Bear - especially the one where one of us carries her over to sneak up on the other one, who pretends to be frightened out of their wits while LB howls with laughter. She's also started to recognise the songs we sing to her and to join in the actions of her favourites. She's getting very chatty now too and likes to babble away to strangers in the street, who are usually delighted to converse with her!
LB stand This has been a month of new adventures for Little Bear and she's seeming more grown up by the day. I can't believe that this time next month, LB will be turning one and our first year together will be complete. Time suddenly seems to running away so fast and it's exhilarating and terrifying all at once.