Little Bear is 4 months old!

The last month has absolutely flown by and I am now the mother of a four month old. I'm her mother. Her mum. I'm someone's mum. It still sounds weird.

LB has learned a lot this month. She rolled over for the first time on her 3 month 'birthday' and has managed it a few more times since, with increasing ease. She is now trying to roll the other way, from her back to her front, with no success whatsoever. She's not even close, but I love how persistent she is with it!

Physically, she gets quite frustrated at wanting to do things that her little body just can't handle yet. She desperately wants to sit up and whenever I lie her down, her little face screws up with effort as she lifts her feet, head and shoulders up. She pants for a few seconds, then collapses back and howls with rage. She quite often collapses so completely that she bangs her head which probably contributes to the howling. Silly baby.

Her day time naps are finally improving and she usually manages at least one nap of an hour or more a day with around 3 shorter naps as well. I'm desperately hoping that her better day time sleep will transfer to night time as well as she's still averaging a wake-up every two hours over night.

All of this means that at four months old, Little Bear can be quite hard work. Luckily, she has also mastered the art of the giggle this month. She has the most gorgeous, silly, old man chuckle and it has so far brought tears to my eyes every time she's done it. She is also really enjoying being held in a standing position and will look around her with a massive grin on her face as if to say 'look what I'm doing!' Even in the bath, LB likes to stand up (I'm in with her obviously!). She stamps her feet and then allows herself to fall and smiles as the water splashes her.

LB has also discovered the purpose of toys this month. Up until now she has looked at her toys if I play with them in front of her (she has a rain maker rattle which is oddly mesmerising - sometimes I play with it when she isn't even there), but she's never made any attempt to 'play' herself. Just in the last few weeks though, she's started to reach for an interesting toy, which she'll generally then shove gleefully into her mouth. She especially loves the dangly toys on her baby gym and bats at them furiously - this girl is no delicate flower!

LB toys

I love watching her discover the world around her and I love that even when the same action produces the same result, she's surprised every time. Little Bear is growing up quickly and every day she becomes more interactive and fun. I can't wait to see what next month brings!