Little Bear is 5 Months Old!

The last month has actually gone pretty slowly, and in terms of her development, LB has pretty much been refining things she could already do. Outwardly it seems as though not much has changed, but LB herself is a very different baby from this time last month.

As I said in my post about feeding, we now combination feed LB. She gets three bottles a day and is finally feeding more calmly, both on the bottle and the breast which is a massive relief. I hadn't realised how stressful I was finding the two-hourly baby wrangle until it wasn't part of our routine any more. I'm so glad that I eventually found the courage to admit to myself that exclusive breastfeeding wasn't working for us.

I had been hoping that the change in feeding and the resultant weight gain (she is now 12lb 5oz!) would help to improve our sleep. It hasn't exactly been the miracle cure I wanted, but things are slowly, slowly starting to improve. Little Bear now stays in her own room until about 2am (with 2 feeds) before coming through and cosleeping the rest of the night. We're fairly reliably down to 4 wake ups, which may sound bad, but is a huge improvement from the 7 or 8 we were doing a few weeks ago. I'm definitely noticing the increase in sleep time!

The major change though, is in Little Bear's mood. A month ago, I'll confess, I wasn't enjoying her much. She seemed to cry so much more than other babies and be much harder to settle. Now, though, she is a total joy. She smiles often, laughs easily and enjoys all kinds of new activities. Her attention span is getting longer and she's more willing to spend time playing with toys on her own. Her motor skills are continuing to improve and when she reaches out for toys, she nearly always manages to grab them, even the ones dangling from her baby gym. Her gross motor skills are on the up as well - I got a fright last week when I left her propped up in the corner of the sofa and left the room for literally about 30 seconds (I know - super dangerous, don't do that, people!) and returned to find her like this:

sofa flip

She has started to watch us when we eat as well and if she's close enough, she reaches out for our food. Once or twice when she's done this, I've handed her whatever I'm eating to see what she would do. Result: not much. She slowly took a strawberry to her mouth a few days ago, made a face and dropped it and did something very similar with a bit of tomato as well. So I guess LB isn't quite ready for weaning yet, but we're getting close!

banana As well as weaning, the next month will see Little Bear being Christened, spending some quality time with Daddy during the Easter break and hopefully managing to carry on gaining weight. So much to look forward to!