Little Bear is 7 Months Old!

Well, actually, Little Bear is very nearly 8 months old. I wrote this update ages ago and then for some reason never posted it! Better late than never, right?!

May has been a bit of an up and down month for Little Bear. She started out the month with a bit of a sniffle, which turned into a heavy cold and eventually into bronchiolitis which required a trip to A&E to have her nose drained with a tube. She was remarkably chirpy during her illness but was definitely more clingy than usual and developed a tendency to wail as though she was being murdered whenever I left the room. So that was fun.

We also had a wee sleep regression while LB wasn't well and had a few nights where we returned to being up every 45 minutes or so. Thankfully it didn't last too long and it really made me appreciate how far we've come in terms of sleep. How the hell did I cope with 12 or more wake ups a night every night for all those months? Go past me!


As the month draws to a close, Little Bear is feeling much better and is back to her smiley self for the most part. She is sitting confidently now and can reach for toys in front of her and to the side. She is getting increasingly impatient with any attempt to lie her on her back for any reason and much prefers to be sitting or standing. She has really strong legs and only needs help with balance when she's on her feet, she can take her weight on her legs with no trouble.

She's starting to be a bit more interactive when she plays and in the last few days has suddenly got the point of peekaboo type games (she used to just wail in fear when I hid my face because I was definitely gone forever and would never come back...true story.). She likes it when we hide toys from her and then they pop up in a different place to where they disappeared. Hours of bants are to be had with this game, although I have to admit that it gets super boring after about 15 hours a day of it.


Little Bear has also found her voice this month. She's not exactly babbling (it's more of a gleeful roar) but she loves hearing herself shouting and is doing it more and more, it's the cutest thing ever.

We're still struggling to find our way around the new routine of meals, naps and bottles and I'm finding it tricky to predict what LB will do from day to day. In a way it's a bit like having a newborn again so I'm trying to be responsive to her and let her take the lead. It's really tricky though and I do find myself getting a bit stressed about whether she's eating enough, but she's happy and healthy so that's what counts!

Next month will be a big one with LB's first holiday, which we're all really looking forward to!