Little Bear is 9 Months Old

Oh dear, I've been extremely lax on the blogging front lately but thought I would pop in to do Little Bear's 9 month update.

For the most part, July has been an easy, happy month for LB, with the exception of a few days where she had a cold and was teething at the same time which resulted in a few stressful nights and one properly horrific one!

Little Bear at 9 months old is a total character. She likes having her tummy tickled and being thrown in the air. She also likes being pushed over onto her back from a sitting position which looks a bit alarming to onlookers! She bloody loves the cat, who spends his life trying to avoid her grabby, poky fingers and she's a big fan of kitchen implements, especially the whisk. She's starting to be a bit clingy and gets upset if she can't see me, although she quickly forgets that she's sad and will play happily until she sees me again, at which point she'll burst into dramatic tears until I pick her up. Bants.
LB car

When she's healthy and happy, Little Bear is now sleeping pretty well. Most nights she goes down fairly easily and wakes once at around 1 am for a bottle before sleeping until around 7. She has still never slept through the night but one wake up is very manageable. She has now dropped to two naps during the day which we're trying to do in her cot because she's starting nursery soon (sob) and they don't let the babies sleep in prams. We're trying hard to stop rocking her to sleep, which frankly, is a pain in the arse because it takes five times as long. She's taking to it ok though and will mostly flop about in her cot talking to herself and playing with her cuddly sheep until she falls asleep. She still needs one of us to be in the room but hopefully we can slowly start to teach her to fall asleep on her own.

At 9 months old, LB is still not showing much inclination to crawl. She hates being on her tummy with an absolute passion and will vaguely waggle her arms and legs before roaring her displeasure. She much prefers to hold someone's hands and walk. She has a hilarious straight-legged walk, pretty much exactly like the ministry of silly walks from Monty Python. She can walk normally but mostly chooses not to, little weirdo.
LB walk

lb walk2

Eating is still very hit and miss. We had a few weeks when I couldn't seem to fill Little Bear up, but mostly she still picks at whatever I put in front of her. She'll try almost anything (except avocado) but doesn't have a big appetite and seems to get bored of eating before she's full. She's still on 5 bottles a day though so I'm trying not to stress about it.

I think that's it for this month! The next month will be a big one in our family as it will see me going back to work and LB starting nursery. I'll probably post separately about nursery soon but keep your fingers crossed for us on that little adventure!