#Little Loves - Ellen, Sunshine and Bieber

I quite often follow the Little Loves project on other blogs and enjoy this way of reading what people have been up to in their week, so I thought that I would join up this week too!


LB and I recently joined our local library, which is amazing (probably amazing enough for me to give it a post of its own soon), so we've been reading lots this week. A highlight has been The Gift by Carol Ann Duffy. It's a picture book but isn't really for very young children as the story and illustrations are quite complex. Luckily for me, LB is still little enough that she just likes being read to and has no concept of following a story. The book is gorgeous to look at, with amazing artwork and a beautiful, if quite sad, story. I would definitely recommend it.



Love Yourself. So this song has been in my head all week and I bloody love it. It wormed its way into my head before I knew it was Bieber and now it's too late to do a damn thing about it and I don't really care.


This week I've discovered that ITVbe shows The Ellen Degeneres Show on weekday mornings. I usually get my fix of Ellen loveliness on YouTube but I had never seen a whole episode before this week. I love Ellen. I love her dancing and her sense of humour. I love the silly games she does with celebs (this week I saw Ashton Kutcher playing Pie Face- so great). She seems like such a lovely, kind person too and all of this combined means that her show is a really nice, gentle way to ease me into my day.


I try not to put LB in too many stereotypically 'girly' outfits and to vary up what she wears, but I do find that I tend to hone in on a type of outfit and buy of loads of similar clothes. At the moment, we're loving dungarees. We got these in the John Lewis sale and I love them, she looks so cute! This isn't the best picture because it was taken while she was having her first ever go in a high chair and she was very excited and wiggly!



Since having Little Bear, our diet has really taken a hit (not that it was ever really that great to start with) and convenience food has been the order of the day. Now that she's fast approaching weaning age though, I'm keen for her to see us eating something other than chicken dippers, takeaway and cake (I eat a shameful amount of cake). I started by making this, which BBC good food assured me contained 4 of my 5 a day. I'm not totally sure about that but it was delicious and I was pleased with myself for trying something new. How good are butter beans, by the way? I'd never had them before and they were by far my favourite part of the meal. I would definitely make this again, but think that next time I would swap the meatballs for pieces of chorizo to give it more flavour.

And Lastly...

Although it's technically spring time now, no one seems to have told the weather. It's been persistently wet, grey and cold for what seems like weeks now, but on Monday we were graced with an absolutely gorgeous afternoon. Little Bear and I made the most of it by going for a walk in the park, where the crocuses were just starting to open, and then sitting in the garden with her baby gym. LB seemed to enjoy the change of scenery and only stopped to have a snack before mauling the hell out of her crinkly fish toy. The afternoon ended abruptly though when our cat decided to join in with the toy bashing and caught LB's hand instead!

Sadly, the only photo I have of the flowers was at the beginning of the walk, when it was actually quite grey outside, but I promise it actually was a lovely afternoon!



snack time

Hope you've all had a lovely week too!