My Happiness Non-Negotiables

I've been nominated by Clare at MumsyMidwife to write about my happiness non-negotiables - the little things that make life sweeter, and which happiness would come a little more slowly without. I have omitted family and friends from this list because, well, it's a given and I thought the list would be more interesting if I filled it with other things.


When I was tagged in this project, I had to have a real think about some of the things that I really couldn't be happy without, but this one required no thought at all. I love books. I love the look of them on a shelf, I love the way they smell and obviously I love reading them. I like to read new things of course, but I mostly like to reread books I love. When I read something that I love, I pour myself into it and it seems as though, as well as taking something away, I leave something of myself on the pages; of myself exactly as I was when I read it. I like to reread books that are special to me because it can feel like rediscovering a former version of myself; like meeting up with an old friend.


I had no idea how much I genuinely need sleep to be happy until I had Little Bear. Before she was born, Papa Bear and I used to sleep in until lunch time at the weekend and then spend the rest of the afternoon in bed, watching films, eating M&Ms and dozing. Then at tea time we would get up, shower, have dinner and go back to bed. Thinking about spending a day like that now is almost arousing...

Time Alone

As with sleep, I didn't know that I loved time by myself until it became a rarity. In the average day I get about 15 minutes on my own while PB puts the sprog to bed. Going to the shops, driving, peeing, having a shower - all the things that used to be solo activities no longer are, and while I feel very lucky to get to spend so much time with Little Bear, when I get time alone I revel in it.

Salt and Sweet

Omg salt and sweet is the best combo, particularly if the saltiness involves peanut butter. Ben and Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream, peanut M&Ms, Lindt milk chocolate with sea salt... I'm sitting in my living room having a drool and it's 8 am and the only acceptable thing to eat right now is Weetabix but there are peanut M&Ms on the table and... Oops some just fell in my mouth.

My Job

I feel very lucky to be able to include this in a list of things that make me happy. I love my job as a primary teacher. Every day is different and exciting, I have a lot of control over what I teach and how I teach it and on many days I get to come home and know that I made a positive difference to someone's day. Yes, I spend time using my cross voice, and yes I have to pretend to care about stuff that I actually don't give a shit about like whether or not looking at someone constitutes being annoying, but I also spend a lot of my time laughing and learning and playing. I get to read all the time, get to see how different families raise their children and to help kids to become functioning members of society. Plus, it's nearly always someone's birthday so there's cake all the time.

So there you have it!
Max, Beth at Jiggery Bloggery, Madeline atThis Glorious Life and Naomi at Tattooed Mummy

What could you not be truly happy without?