Obliviously Awesome

You might be wondering where the title for this blog came from. If I'm honest, I can sometimes be a bit of a show off. I know the things I'm good at and I like to get recognition for them. Most of my friends, though, aren't like that at all. Papa Bear certainly isn't. I like people and things which are great without drawing too much attention to themselves. It's hard to describe the quality I mean, it's not being self deprecating or shy- those aren't particularly attractive qualities. It's just getting on with your life in a way that's just for you, without worrying too much about what anyone else is doing. My friend Sophie is like this and it's a quality I really admire but which my personality doesn't replicate.

My job as a primary teacher is a bit like this too. Teaching gets a lot of bad press, and the paperwork and meetings and managerial nonsense can be really hard going. No one shouts about how great teaching is. But every morning at 9am, I close my classroom door on all the beaurocracy and have a fucking amazing time. Little kids are as Obliviously Awesome as it's possible to be. Like the time one of them asked me if Santa was Jesus' brother. So great.

You wouldn't think that parenting would fall into this category. After all, there probably aren't very many things that are written about quite as much, nor lauded with so much overblown, flowery language. Most people, in fact, arrive at the gates of parenthood with an unrealistic idea of how great it will be due to the abundance of posts like '500 things that are really precious about your amazingly precious baby'. And it is great, just not in the ways that I had expected. I had expected it to be made up of a series of huge, life changing moments. Her first laugh, the first time I saw her face and, later on, her first word. And those things are huge, and they are great. But I hadn't expected the little things to thrill me so much. The way she looks at me when I feed her, the way it takes her nearly ten seconds to recover enough to cry when she gets a fright, her bloody perfect little baby toes. Hmm...I seem to be verging on 'precious' territory and I'm doing a wee cry in my living room. Maybe it's not that parenting is Obliviously Awesome after all, maybe it's just that until you're doing it, you can only be oblivious to just how awesome it is.

baby feet

Gorgeous baby feet

hold hands

Gratuitous holding hands pic, coz it seems that's the cheesy ass way this post is going... (to make it less cheesy - how weird is the shape of my finger here?!)

So over to you - what are your favourite Obliviously Awesome bits about parenting? The little things that make you do a big baby related swoon? I would love to know!