Adventures in Weaning

Feeding Little Bear has always been a bit stressful. I've written before about the trouble we had with breastfeeding, and she wasn't massively keen on the bottle either. She's just not really a very hungry baby (she totally does not get that from either of her parents who are both greedy bastards). Despite this, I was really looking forward to weaning her and was keen to do Baby -Led Weaning, mostly because it seemed easier (I am super lazy). I bought Gill Rapley's book and it sounded pretty straightforward - you basically just give the baby whatever you're eating, just as you eat it, without blending it or anything, and let them have a go. Easy. Once that decision was made, I joined a Facebook group dedicated to BLW to get some ideas for what to feed LB. This was a mistake. God, that group is scary. It's full of ubermums who know everything about everything and like to remind you that you don't know anything. Spoon feeding, according to ubermums, is the devil and pureeing things will result in a child who is co-dependent, lazy and obese. True story.

In the end, I removed myself from the group and decided to just...wing it. I mean, I double checked what foods a baby can't eat (pretty much just salt), but other than that, I took a step away from books and decided to just let LB have a go.

We're mostly doing BLW, but not strictly. Some days LB is tired and can't be arsed feeding herself, so I give her puree (from a *gasp * pouch!). Sometimes we're both tired and I can't face making her food that I know she won't eat, so she just has milk. This approach is working well for us and meal times are reasonably stress free.

food The actual eating is hit and miss to be honest. Some days she's really keen and will enthusiastically reduce whatever I give her into a pile of soggy mush (and possibly swallow some - it's hard to tell), other days she glares at me and uses her entire arm to sweep everything onto the floor without tasting any of it. This is a pain, but at least I haven't spent ages steaming and pureeing stuff only to have her reject it. If she doesn't eat it, then we'll have it. No worries.
LB eat The only part of weaning so far that has been stressful is the mess. Oh my god, the mess. It is mind boggling. It is unholy the mess that girl can create. A few days ago I gave her a blueberry rice cake, a fundamentally unmessy snack. Within ten minutes there was smooshed up rice cake in her ears, in her belly button and in her nappy. Yes, inside her nappy when she was wearing a top, trousers and a vest. No, I don't know how either. As well as the soggy rice crap, her entire face was purple from the blueberry flavouring and so were her hands and her ears (she has a habit of stroking and pulling her ears when she's tired). The time I gave her spag bol, I seriously considered just moving house.

So for the most part I've enjoyed weaning Little Bear, and it's confirming my belief that all aspects of parenting are easier when you step away from Facebook, Mumsnet (apart from the hilarious threads about penis beakers and fanny waxing, obvs) and other mums in general.

So how about you? Are you weaning? How's it going?