On Growing Up

There have been quite few moments in my life where I've looked around me and declared that this, this moment in time, signals the end of my childhood. The day I left high school (which I also rather dramatically declared to be The End of an Era), the day I…

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Little Bear is 9 Months Old

Oh dear, I've been extremely lax on the blogging front lately but thought I would pop in to do Little Bear's 9 month update. For the most part, July has been an easy, happy month for LB, with the exception of a few days where she had a cold and…

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Cloth Nappies- An Update

I've written before about how much I like using cloth nappies and a wee bit about brands that work well for us, but I thought it was about time for a little update; because Things Have Changed. Well, one thing has changed. LB is weaning, so what has changed is…

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Little Bear is 7 Months Old!

Well, actually, Little Bear is very nearly 8 months old. I wrote this update ages ago and then for some reason never posted it! Better late than never, right?! May has been a bit of an up and down month for Little Bear. She started out the month with a…

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The Ordinary Moments - Kisses

About a week ago, Little Bear learned to give kisses. Well, kind of. If I'm honest, her kisses are totally rank. She starts by flapping her arms up and down while standing on my lap, her sign for being super excited. Then she'll open her mouth as wide as it…

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