Ball Pools, Jokes and Sunshine - #LittleLoves

It's been a long week for us as Little Bear has been out of action with Bronchiolitis. She's mostly been reasonably happy, but we've been stuck in the house all week as I don't want her to pass on her lurgy to any of her wee baby pals. Thankfully she…

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Adventures in Weaning

Feeding Little Bear has always been a bit stressful. I've written before about the trouble we had with breastfeeding, and she wasn't massively keen on the bottle either. She's just not really a very hungry baby (she totally does not get that from either of her parents who are both…

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The Ordinary Moments - A Lazy Sunday

Before Little Bear was born, Papa Bear and I did nothing at the weekend. I mean, we did the good kind of nothing - we lazed around in bed watching tv, we stayed in our pyjamas all day, we ate out a lot (not in our pyjamas, I hasten to…

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How to do Nap Time. By Little Bear, age 6 months and one week.

Step one: Rub your eyes and yawn. Watch mummy's face light up. She thinks you're tired. Lol. Step 2: Scream when mummy puts you in the pram (she gave up on making you sleep in the cot long ago), but keep rubbing your eyes. Mummy will be confused. Extra points…

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Recipe: Courgette and Carrot Muffins

I can't believe I'm about to post a recipe for healthy muffins like a total smug bell-end, but these were nice and they were easy to make. I'm not really much of a cook, and certainly not a baker but I'm trying hard to make healthy, yummy things for Little…

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