How Much Information is Too Much?

On Tuesday last week, I had a bad day. Little Bear had a cold and was crying a lot. We went to Tesco and she threw up down my sleeve so my whole arm was drenched in sick and I couldn't clean it off until I got home. I was…

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Daredevil, Dungarees and a Dunking -#LittleLoves

Read I know I'm really late to the party with this one, but I discovered the unmumsy mum this week. Her blog and Facebook page are hilarious, so much so that on Tuesday night I was feeding LB at 3am while facebooking (multitasking like a boss) and woke her up…

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Little Bear is Six Months Old

For the very first time since she was born, I'm a bit emotional at one of LB's milestones. She's six months old. Half a year. And she's suddenly got really grown up. You know, in a baby kind of way. She's eating real food now and we're being pretty successful…

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Pinwheels, Weaning and Shower Singing - #LittleLoves

Read Sadly, Catching the Sun wasnt really grabbing me so I haven't touched it since last week. I probably will go back to it, but this week I've been reading up on Baby Led Weaning. Little Bear isn't six months yet but she's showing all the signs of being ready…

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So Now I'm THAT Mum

Before I had LB, I used to look at some of the weird shit parents would do and promise myself that if I ever had kids I would never behave like that. You know the kind of thing I mean- parents who licked their finger and used it to clean…

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