Pinwheels, Weaning and Shower Singing - #LittleLoves

Sadly, Catching the Sun wasnt really grabbing me so I haven't touched it since last week. I probably will go back to it, but this week I've been reading up on Baby Led Weaning. Little Bear isn't six months yet but she's showing all the signs of being ready and has had a go of a few pieces of fruit. It was nerve wracking the first time I handed her a strawberry and watched her go to town on it, but to my surprise she knew exactly what to do! I'm oddly proud of her. Anyway, the book I read was Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley and it explains the theory behind it really well. It did an especially good job of allaying my fears about choking and giving ideas of food to try.

Last weekend I got a whole day baby free which was super exciting. While LB had some quality time with her daddy, I went to the cinema with my friend Sophie and saw Zootropolis. It was bloody amazing. It was funny and clever and visually gorgeous and basically the best thing Disney has produced in ages. I loved it so much and you should definitely see it immediately.

I always find this category tricky as I'm not really a listening to music type. I never have background music on or listen to the radio in the car; I only listen to music when I make an active choice to do so. Weird, I know. So yeah, I really can't think of a single instance this week when I've listened to music, unless Papa Bear singing the national anthem in the shower counts.


I had a go this week at making some pinwheels for LB to try. They were super easy to do - just grate some cheese and sprinkle some spinach leaves on a sheet of ready made puff pastry. Then roll it up longways (so with the longer side towards you) and cut it into little circles (mine were about 2cm thick) and bake for about 15 minutes. I would suggest sealing the edges with egg after you roll it up, because as you can see, mine unravelled a bit in the oven which meant that the spinach didn't cook properly. They still tasted fine though and LB seemed to enjoy them!



Bibs. This week has been all about the enormous bibs for Little Bear (obviously. I don't know why I even put that in. They're not going to be for me, are they?) It's actually been surprisingly difficult to find decent full length bibs for feeding LB in. We have some from Tesco and Sainsburys, which are quite cute, but they're a kind of towelling material on the outside which takes a really long time to dry which is a pain when LB eats three times a day. They have gently elasticated wrists which allow the material above it to fall over the elastic and get in her way when she's eating. We also have one from Asda which is much better - it was really cheap (£1.50 in their Baby Event) and is cotton on the outside which dries faster. It's much smaller than the others so the sleeves don't flop about in LB's dinner. I think I want some wipe-clean ones though. Does anyone know of a good brand/palce to get them?

And Lastly...

This week has gone by really quickly now that the Easter holidays are over and all of our baby classes are back on. LB is continuing to improve on the sleep front (bar the odd blip here and there) and it's her christening this weekend. Life is good...

Hope you all had a lovely week too!