Review: Tickle Tots Nappy

As you know, Little Bear has worn cloth nappies since she was around a week old and we have quite a few different brands now. One of these is the Tickle Tots nappy, which we've had for a few months. Tickle Tots are a wonderfully ethical, UK based company. They are family run and they plant a tree for every thousand nappies they sell, so with this as well as all the other eco benefits of cloth bumming your baby, Tickle Tots allows you to feel good about the choice you're making for your baby.
What does it look like?
As you know, one of my major reasons for choosing cloth nappies is that they're so damn cute. I have no truck with unattractive nappies so you'll be pleased to know that first impressions of this nappy are great- the prints are bright and colourful and so far they haven't faded in the wash in the slightest. Because Tickle Tots is quite a new brand there isn't a huge amount of choice of prints, but this will improve as the brand becomes more established.

TT nappy How do you wear it?

This is an all in one nappy, which means that you can put it on the baby exactly as it comes, without the need for a separate wrap, liner or booster. Brilliantly though, there is a pocket at the back of the nappy so that as your baby gets older and wets more heavily, you can add extra absorbancy if you need to. A booster comes with the nappy, but as LB is still so little we haven't needed to boost yet.

How does it fit?

I love the fit of these nappies. Little Bear is a teeny 12lb and quite skinny with it and we often find that Velcro fastening nappies are loose on her wee chicken legs. The Tickle Tots nappy has strong elastic in the leg and the Velcro tabs can be crossed over to allow the best fit. This nappy is also ridiculously slim fitting - I always try to choose it when LB is wearing tighter fitting trousers as you would barely know she wasn't in a disposable.

LB TTnappy

Does it work?

Hell, yes. The fleece lining on the nappy is soft and gentle on Little Bear's bum and does a great job of wicking moisture away so that she feels dry when I change her, even that one time that we never talk about when I accidentally left her in the same nappy for an embarrassingly long time...
The core of the nappy is made of bamboo which is unbelievably absorbent. I had been dubious about how well it would work because it's so slim, but we've had no problems with it, apart from the first time we used it and that was because I got too excited and didn't prewash it.
It has a double gusset on the leg too which has done a fab job of containing all the lovely explosive breastfed poos that LB has thrown at it.

What's wrong with it?

No product is perfect, but this one is pretty damn close. The only issue I could find with it is that, as with pretty much every All in One nappy, it's not very fast drying. It can be tumble dried on low, but even then it takes quite a while and repeated tumble drying will affect the life span of the nappy. On a clothes horse in a warm room this nappy tends to take 1.5-2 days to dry, which isn't ideal. You can use the pocket to turn the nappy inside out though which makes drying times shorter.

The Verdict?

This is a brilliant nappy and is the first one I reach for when changing LB. It's pretty and functional and always gets comments at baby groups so I'm happy to recommend it!

LB is modelling the Tickle Tots nappy in Blue Whale which retails at £16.99