Sleep, Jamie Oliver and Binge Watching the Telly - #LittleLoves

It's been quite a quiet week in the OA house this week, but here are the little things that have made us happy!


Not a whole lot this week really, although I have started Catching the Sun by Tony Parsons. I've read quite a few of his other books and enjoyed most of them so I have high hopes for this one. He writes really well about fatherhood, marriage and travel, especially to China although this book is set in Thailand. I'll hopefully have finished it next week and be able to give you the verdict.
catching the sun


With Little Bear finally sleeping a little bit better, we've managed to watch TV in the evenings this week. I've really enjoyed catching up on the shows I used to religiously watch every week and am now up to date on The Big Bang Theory (omg Amy's birthday present...), Brooklyn 99, Arrow (a really amazing comic book series about the Green Arrow, which is fab even if you don't normally like super heroes) and The Flash (as above, except, you know, about The Flash). This litany of TV is outing me as a massive nerd...


This could fit into the read and watched categories too, as it's absolutely everywhere right now, but I've been hearing a lot about Jamie Oliver's comments about breastfeeding this week. I feel a bit sorry for Jamie as I think his heart is in the right place and his comments are well meaning, if a bit bumbling. Full disclosure- I bloody love Jamie Oliver and his silly gorgeous lispy face, so my opinion is probably influenced by that, but I can't really whip myself into too much of a frenzy about it. Obviously, breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed a baby if you can, and obviously UK breastfeeding rates are low, so having a famous face behind a breastfeeding campaign has the potential to be a really good thing. Hopefully his campaign will be for support for new mothers; for increased and realistic ante natal advice, for more lactation consultants, for better training for midwives in recognising tongue tie and all the other things that will be of practical use. So far, though, all he's done is announce that everyone should breastfeed because it's easy and it's free. Uh huh.


We've finally managed to make plans for Little Bear's Christening next month, something which has been on the to do list for ages. I'm really looking forward to the day and need to find her something to wear!


I'm feeling rather uninspired on the wardrobe department right now, both for LB and myself, but I had a look at the new spring range in Sainsburys this week (hello 25% off!) and ordered some lovely stuff for the sproglet. Now to find some nice, feeding friendly clothes for myself. Ideas welcome!

And lastly...

This has been a good week for sleep. As I've documented before on this blog, Little Bear is not a sleeper. However we've had big leaps this week (the good kind of leap, not the scary Wonder Weeks app, stormy clouds, omglifewillbeshitfortheforseeablefuture kind of leap), with LB managing to stay in her own room until 6am for three days in a row! She's also dropped 2 night feeds this week and is down to feeding at 11, 2 and 5. I'm trying not to be too excited, because I've learned the hard way that not much in LB's little routine ever lasts long, good or bad, but we're very much enjoying it for now.

Happy Easter everyone!