The Ordinary Moments - Kisses

About a week ago, Little Bear learned to give kisses. Well, kind of. If I'm honest, her kisses are totally rank. She starts by flapping her arms up and down while standing on my lap, her sign for being super excited. Then she'll open her mouth as wide as it will go and do a weird grunty shouty noise as she leans towards my face. At the moment she has a really heavy cold so it's 50/50 at this stage in the game whether she'll commence the kiss or whether she'll cough and/or sneeze in my face.
LBkiss Once she's made contact with my cheek (or nose, chin, eyes, earlobe...she's not really fussy...), she leaves her mouth open and slowly starts to tongue whatever bit of face she has found, all the while doing that gleeful shouting. Once she's got my face pretty much as wet as it can possibly be, she turns her head from side to side, wiping the slobber back onto her own cheeks and forehead and usually smearing me with bogies at the same time. When we're both suitably moist, she leans back and beams at me, satisfied that she has conveyed her love as fully as she can.
LB kiss2

Lb's kisses are disgusting.

But God, I love them.

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