The Ordinary Moments - A Lazy Sunday

Before Little Bear was born, Papa Bear and I did nothing at the weekend. I mean, we did the good kind of nothing - we lazed around in bed watching tv, we stayed in our pyjamas all day, we ate out a lot (not in our pyjamas, I hasten to add), we saw friends and lazed around at their was lovely. Now weekends are different. Mostly because there's so much more of them. We're up a good 5 or 6 hours earlier than we used to be, and those hours need to be filled. LB is not a fan of doing nothing and stuff like eating out and going to friends' houses is still possible, but much less relaxing than it used to be (it's just like being at our house except you have to take everything in our house with us).

But this weekend we had a lazy Sunday. Papa Bear got up early with LB and then came back to bed when she went for her 9 am nap (yes indeed, childless people! We are up and back to bed again by 9am on a Sunday!), and we lazed about and watched TV. When she woke up, we went for a walk.

A walk. We never used to go for walks. Walks are not for people like us. Walks are for little kids who like to bang trees with a big stick. Walks are for old people who spend the whole time talking about how technology is ruining the yoof and how you don't need screens to have fun. Walks, as it turns out, are lovely.


We went to a glen near our house that has a stream and a rickety bridge and a ruined castle - the stuff walky dreams are made of. It was such a lovely day - the spring flowers were out and it was warm enough to comment on, but not warm enough to complain about. Little Bear was in the sling, which we haven't used in a wee while and she loved being able to look about from this new angle, while still getting cuddles from her daddy.



After our walk, we concluded our lazy day by going to see a friend, Little Bear played with the dog while we chatted and it was lovely and relaxing. It seems lazy weekends aren't a thing of the past after all.