The Week that Was - 29 February

I've decided to link our weekly roundups with The Week that Was over at twinderelmo, it's a good way to have a nose at what everyone else has been up to and will hopefully encourage me to keep doing to the weekly updates as, to be honest, it's the one most likely to slide!
With half term over, it was back to business as usual this week. It was nice to be able to have a routine again, but I'm starting to think that our weekly roundup of activities might be too much for Little Bear. Last week, when she could nap in her own bed in the morning for as long as she wanted and play with her toys at home, she was loads more settled and cheery. This week, when I've taken her out every morning at 10amish, well, if I'm honest she's been really hard work. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it has given me food for thought.

I did another 'keeping in touch day' at work this week, which I really enjoyed. Before I had LB I had been worried that becoming a mother would diminish my love of my job, so I'm relieved at how much I enjoy going in to school and how much I'm looking forward to my return to work in August. My mum looked after Little Bear while I worked and I think they both enjoyed themselves, although my mum appears to have forgotten how demanding babies can be and was knackered when I got home!

Our other big event this week was that LB slept in her own room for the first time. I know the advice is not to leave them in their own room until they're 6 months old, but it was becoming clear that Papa Bear and I were waking her up when we went to bed, which was a pain in the arse for everyone. So the new plan is to put her down in her cot at 7pm, go to bed ourselves whenever the mood strikes us (usually around 8 because of how often we'll be up through the night!) and without fear of disturbing the baby, and then when she wakes for her first feed, bring her back in with us. It worked really well last night, with LB staying in her own room until midnight. It felt like such a big deal leaving her, and our room was weirdly empty without her. Strange as it is, I missed her for those few hours. She also only wanted milk twice last night, although she still woke up 2757385939285 times for a cuddle and her dummy. It feels like an improvement though- maybe as her need for night time meals decreases she'll start to sleep for a bit longer. Fingers crossed!

baby monitor

I was glued to this screen the entire night