Cloth Nappies- An Update

I've written before about how much I like using cloth nappies and a wee bit about brands that work well for us, but I thought it was about time for a little update; because Things Have Changed.

Well, one thing has changed. LB is weaning, so what has changed is poo. If poo chat is not your bag then I would probably not keep reading tbh. Go and watch this video of a mummy and baby otter and get on with your lovely poo free life, you lucky duck.

Are you gone? Good.

So, poo. Basically, when babies are only consuming milk their poo is water soluble, so even though newborn nappies can be really gross, from a washing point of view, it's easy: just take the nappy off and put it in the wash. All the poo washes away and the nappies come out clean. Done. Once they're weaning though, it's a different story altogether. Weaning poo is not water soluble. If you put a proper jobby in the washing machine you'll end up with half digested carrot bits all over your nappies and stuck in the Velcro. Apparently. I've totally never done this. Hmmm.

Anyway, once babies are fully weaned and doing lovely solid grown up style turds, you can just flick them off the nappy and into the loo and job's a goodun. Before that though, there's an in between stage - things aren't solid enough for the toilet flick, and not milky enough to go in the machine. So what to do? Here's a run through of your options:

  1. The disposable liner. These are thin, throwaway liners that kind of look like baby wipes. You put them between the nappy and the baby's bum and then you just lift them out, crap and all, and chuck them away. They're pretty good, but if you have a wriggler they sometimes they crumple up inside the nappy and then, obviously, they're useless.


2 . The dunk-and-flush. This is my go to option - you put the nappy in the toilet and flush so all the poo comes off. It leaves the nappy clean, but also soggy, so if you're out and about you have to carry a really wet, heavy nappy about with you, but it's a huge improvement on carrying shit.

3.The poo spoon. I shit you not, some people do this. I've never tried it myself, because ew, but I think it involves much scraping and scooping with a dedicated bathroom spoon.

shit stirrer

I'm still pleased with our nappies and actually it's nice to open the nappy bucket and know that there's no actual poo in it any more, but poo disposal has been a bit of a learning curve! So what do you do about poo? Is there another option I don't know about?