Weekly Update - 14 February

Poor LB has had a bit of a traumatic week. She had her second set of jabs on Tuesday, which were a bit late because she'd had a temperature a few weeks ago when they were due so the nurse decided to delay them a bit. I hadn't been too worried about taking her for her jabs because she coped really well with the first lot, but these ones seemed to be much harder on her. She cried loads when she had them done and was grumpy for a few days afterwards. She slept really well after her first set and I had been hoping for a repeat of that, but no such luck!

She also had her tongue tie divided this week. When she was a newborn I had suspected that Little Bear had a tongue tie and I asked no fewer than 4 different midwives and health visitors to check. They all said she didn't. Then, about a month ago, I took her to the breastfeeding clinic at the hospital because we were having so many problems with feeding and LB was struggling to gain weight. As soon as the nurse saw LB feed she said she had tongue tie. Hmm. She only had the tie divided on Thursday but she already seems to be feeding more efficiently and calmly. Obviously I'm glad its been done now, but it's so frustrating that no one took my concerns seriously months ago. I wish I had been more insistent, but it also seems that NHS staff need more training in how to spot tongue tie if 4 people could look in her mouth and not see it.

Thankfully LB didn't seem too bothered by the procedure and was fighting fit again by the weekend. We took a drive to Crieff Hydro on Sunday to have lunch with PB's cousin and his wife who are expecting their first baby. It was so good to see them, and nice to be able to be the voice of experience about pregnancy and newborns. I spend so much time feeling like I have no idea at all what I'm doing as a parent that it was good to realise how much I've actually learned since Little Bear came along and how much more confident I feel than when she was a newborn.


Gorgeous view on the drive to Crieff

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!