Weekly Update- 21 Feb

This has been a different week than usual because the school holidays meant that none of our usual baby groups were on. I had been worried that we would be really bored, but it actually ended up being a pretty busy week.

PB's mum was here at the beginning of the week and Little Bear and I took a trip into town to meet her for lunch. LB wasn't at her finest that day and cried for over an hour for, as far as I could gather, absolutely no reason at all. Banter.

On Wednesday, we went to visit a nursery. I've been trying to sort out child care for LB for when I go back to work for a while now and it's the most stressful thing ever. Everywhere is either full, or too expensive, or crap and I'm getting more and more convinced that everyone except me is totally unfit to care for my child. The nursery we went to see was lovely though. It had a great outside space, the staff were really engaged with the children and they all made the effort to come over and chat to LB and me. I've been leaning towards sending LB to a childminder over a nursery because it feels more personal, but this place may have changed my mind.

The weekend was quite quiet but we managed to spend time with friends, go for a walk and visit a wedding fair with friends whose wedding is later in the year. All in all, a busy week!