Weekly update - 7 February

This has been an exhausting week in the OA household. Little Bear is cutting her first tooth (just me or is that ridiculously early at 15 weeks?) and has been totally miserable with it. Her sleep has got, if possible, even worse this week with one to two hourly wake-ups every night. She's also been taking ages to settle back down every time she wakes which is hard because then Papa Bear and I are so wide awake that we don't get back into a deep sleep before she wakes again. Yawn.

The weather has also been apalling this week (thanks Storm Henry? Imogen? So many storms I'm totally losing track. Incedentally, how good would it be to be a storm namer? It would a total godsend of a conversation starter at awkward parties!). Anyway, the weather has made getting out and about a bit trickier than usual. We've managed to get to all our usual baby groups but have otherwise kept to the house.

We did manage to get outside over the weekend though with a lovely walk at a local country park on Saturday. Little Bear has recently been managing to stay awake for more than a few seconds while being carried in the sling, so she was able to enjoy being on a walk for the first time. I was hoping to give her her first go on the swings but the park only had baby swings so Papa Bear couldn't sit on one with her. She seemed to cheer up a lot over the weekend and was very chilled and smiley, which was lovely after such a rough start to the week.
park visit Hope you all had a lovely week too! Here's to better weather next week!